During your stay in “Orizon” Hotel in Ligkiades, you will have the chance to get to know all the sights of our area but of the whole Prefecture of Ioannina as well.
In the area, you can see numerous museums, historical and archaeological sights, as well as religious monuments.

The most important are the following:


in the area

Discover the city

The picturesque and historical city of Ioannina.

The Castle of Ioannina.

The Cave of Perama.

The museums of the city of Ioannina

The Archaeological Museum, the Byzantine Museum, the Museum of Epirus Studies Society, the Municipal Museum, the Pavlos Vrellis Greek History Museum of wax effigies, the Municipal Gallery etc.

The ancient theatre of Dodoni.

The picturesque villages

You can also visit the picturesque villages Zagori, Metsovo, Tzoumerka, Konitsa, the unique Vikos Gorge, and admire the beauties of the nature of Epirus and the famous stony bridges.


Apart from sightseeing, while staying here, you can carry out various activities. For the lovers of sports and adventure, we organize on a daily basis jaunts to the nature that offer unique feelings of relaxation as well as of creativity. Some of the activities that you can enjoy at Ligkiades are the following:Rafting and kayaking at Voidomatis and Arachthos Rivers (with trips for beginners as well as for the more experienced), canoeing, hiking, horse-back riding, snow-hiking, archery, mountain-biking, paragliding, climbing, mountaineering, etc.

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At the beautiful village “Ligkiades” and in a slope of Mount Mitsikeli, you will find Horizon traditional hotel, which has a magnificent view of the lake and the city of Ioannina.

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